‘Bella Fae’ meaning ‘Beautiful Fairy’ takes much of her inspiration from nature. Her 4 main acts are named after the four seasons. Bella Fae accepts commissions for bespoke acts to suit themed events or you can choose something from her established portfolio:

Petite Orchidee

A classic fan dance tribute to Sally Rand. In this mesmerising act Bella Fae dances with her fans to mimic opening flowers in the spring.

Jolie Folie

This act was inspired by the creative, colourful performances of Le Moulin Rouge! The routine is performed on a rocking horse with a 7ft pole going through it. Prepare to be blown away into beautiful madness!

La Luciole

With autumn colours Bella Fae transforms herself into a Firefly! This show stopping stunning act is sure to captivate her audience using her hypnotic teasing moves!


In this act Bella takes her inspiration from winter, the season where everything sleeps. Dressed in black and purple, her moves are slow and precise. In this sensual act she will blindfold herself and do a strip tease to this slow, sexy, bluesy song!